About us

Svetlana Syrgy: “I am a happy person, because my hobby is work.”
In 2002, the Vistline brand was born. The production priority has been high quality products; for this, equipment has been modernized for over 10 years.

Modern technical base allows to produce high quality products, these products faithfully serve and delight our customers for many years.

Our company has created a name for itself, offering irresistible models that embody style, sophistication and originality, while remaining quite affordable. The company has united 28 people. For us, the most important thing is the team, in our company everyone deserves respect, decent wages and opportunities for professional personal development.

In our products, we achieve a perfectly impeccable fit on the figure. We rejoice with our customers when they find with us what they have been looking for for so long.

Our team

Valentina Croitor

When creating models, global trends and trends are taken into account, and the wishes of our customers are also taken into account. It takes more than a day to develop a design and a week — but the end result always pleasantly pleases us, charges us with enthusiasm and positive emotions!

Mariana Kulyak

One of the main tasks when creating a model is the perfect fit of the product on the body. Much attention is paid to lines and specific physique. When creating we use high-quality materials and accessories, this allows us to be proud of our products.

Alena Secrieru

We produce high quality coats of various shapes, colors and sizes. Today we are trying to please all girls and women of different ages and body types. We can find both refined and harmonious classic models, as well as coats and short coats with an “extreme” design – for example, flared sleeves and sleeves – “flashlights”, large turn-down collars and unusual finishes and appliques.

Christina Jeremiah
Trading consultant

We appreciate the quality of our products, so we strive to provide high quality service in our stores! We are glad to our customers! We are glad to help, pick up exactly what they need!

Who are we?

VISTLINE brand is a stable, socially oriented company that contributes to the economic and social development of the Republic of Moldova.

Our main activity for 15 years is the tailoring of outerwear.


In all that we do, we are guided by our principles, which over the course of 15 years have grown into our mission:

  • To give our customers a feeling of confidence, to inspire to believe in themselves and in their dreams.
  • Give your customers positive feelings and emotions.
  • Add a piece of beauty to the world of each of our clients.
  • To achieve the status of a global brand, creating and supplying unique products to the market.
  • Create and translate into reality, the impossible.
  • Become one of the special companies with a bright and attractive image, with a unique personality that can not be copied.


Values are the basis of our work. They unite all the employees of the Group, regardless of which pision and enterprise they work at, what work they do, what tasks they solve. Values are for us support and support, give a boost of energy for further development. Values are designed to help in the work of each of us.


We openly express our opinion and listen to the opinions of others. We welcome non-standard ideas and approaches, we are open to everything new! We openly inform our employees, partners and other external interested parties about the important development issues of our Company, creating the basis for trusting cooperation. We carry out our activities on the basis of the principles of mutual benefit.


We base our activity on the understanding that all our efforts must meet the interests of society. We are responsible for the quality of work and compliance with corporate standards, for the fulfillment of our obligations, for the economical use of resources and the cleanliness of the environment. We strive to act for the good of the country, society – all those who are near us.


We are doing everything possible to achieve the best results with the optimal use of human, natural and financial resources. We do not stop on our laurels and always strive for more.

Professionalism. Our employees possess profound professional knowledge and skills, responsibly and conscientiously relate to their duties, and carry out their tasks efficiently and in a timely manner.


We value team spirit, unity and cohesion. Only in a team can we achieve high results. Together we are interested in working and relaxing. The versatility of the experience and knowledge of each creates the overall development potential of the Company. All employees of the Company are united by the idea and the goal, to which we strive equally, understanding and supporting each other.


We create conditions for the development of talents and abilities of our employees, we introduce modern technologies, and improve production and management processes. By developing our business, we instill confidence in our employees and contribute to the successful development of the Republic of Moldova. We strive to meet the level of the brand, observing the uniform corporate style and values ​​..

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